Filed Flavor: An apple a day keeps the doctor away

I love eating snacks! Especially in the afternoon when I'm watching my usual line up of TV series or at midnight when I'm still wide...

I love eating snacks! Especially in the afternoon when I'm watching my usual line up of TV series or at midnight when I'm still wide awake and writing blog posts. I guess I'm just the type who always likes having something to munch on. Here's the funny thing, though--when it's hot, I don't go for salty snacks. I'm more inclined to have sweeter treats (donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, etc). There's something about sweet and cold treats that make scorching hot Manila afternoons more bearable.

Last Saturday, I went to the St. James Bazaar with some friends and I had my first taste of what would later on be my latest snack obsession!

Alyssa bought this thing called "apple fries". WHAT? And yeah, I pretty much have the same reaction as everyone else who found this idea very foreign. I was wondering how applies could be fries when all along I've known fries to be ideally salty. The illusion was shattered! I crossed by eyebrows at the idea of eating fries that are made out of apples. How did that happen?

I know the idea is puzzling, but after tasting it, my ears just heard the angels sing and my taste buds danced in merriment! The taste somewhat resembles mini donuts, only that, I guess, it's a healthier option. ;) So on my second trip to the St. James Bazaar with my parents (which was last Monday), I knew I had to drop by their stall and get one for myself. I was conversing with Ana about bazaar food and we got to talking about this, so I was very excited to taste it again when I arrived. After my trip to the Island Girl booth, I rushed over to look for the Southern Apple Fries at the food area.

DELICIOUS! Even my mom and dad bought each (we all had the one with ice cream since it was hot). So all three of us were munching away at the bazaar's food area. Hahaha!

Owned by Issa Abueg, Francesca Atendido and Stephanie Ramos (whose name sounded familiar at first, and later on it turns out I had a class together with her back in the Univ), Southern Apple Fries are made with the freshest Granny Smith apples and served with mallow cream cheese dip. Now doesn't that sound tasty? You can choose to have your apple fries served with (P120) or without (P80) ice cream. It's totally worth it!

I asked the sister of one of the owners who was manning the booth, and unfortunately, Southern Apple Fries doesn't have a permanent stall yet that you can go to. Tomorrow is (Wednesday, November 30) their last day at St. James Bazaar. Find them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about where they'll be next. :)

Applesolutely satisfied,
Megann ♥

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  1. Making me hungry in the middle of the night! D:
    *runs to fridge*

  2. @ France: Haha that was my point for this post! Kidding. You should try it out if you get to catch them at bazaars :)


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