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At this point in my blogging life  where I am still learning my way around the blogosphere and discovering my personal style, I think it'...

At this point in my blogging life where I am still learning my way around the blogosphere and discovering my personal style, I think it's very important to be exposed to as many forms of art as possible because I believe style inspiration can come from anywhere (and in any form). Sometimes the flow of a garment can be a movement in dance; or the intensity of its color can be a beat in music. Whatever it is, it is rooted in something that speaks to the designer/wearer.

... much like how Vicente Manansala's pieces spoke to Freeway, and how it was translated as wearable art through the Freeway♥Art National Collectors' Series.

Bloggers, media, and other art and fashion enthusiasts were present at the Freeway♥ArtxManansala launch that took place in two venues.

The first floor of Glorietta 5 exhibited artists doing on-the-spot art pieces and portraits of the guests. It was amazing to see how different their styles were.

The second venue was in The Row, where the fashion show was held. The event was hosted by the stylish chameleon, Tim Yap and the ever-divine (you know I just had to throw that out there after Tim Yap said it) and gorgeous advocate of equality, Divine Lee.

Some of you might have read about my growing obsession with maxis and oversized tops, so you can only imagine my jaw drop when I saw this collection! I really love their loose tops!

Like what I tweeted, art really translated well to fashion in this collection of Freeway. As of the moment, only the women's collection is available. But do watch out, guys, because the menswear will be available this November!

Now that's a work of art! ;) Drop by the nearest Freeway branch and get a hold of these pieces or check out their website. Don't forget to follow them on Twitter for updates.

Thank you so much to Hannah Reyes and the rest of Freeway for inviting me! I had a great time! :)

♥♥ Megann Monday

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