Printed Things & Feather Earrings + Calling: All the Mommas!

As some of you may have noticed, I've been tweeting about my not-so-big-yet-ultimately-tiring  move out from the condo. This is because...

As some of you may have noticed, I've been tweeting about my not-so-big-yet-ultimately-tiring move out from the condo. This is because I only rented the unit so that I could be closer to DLSU - so close that it's actually sandwiched by the DLSU buildings. Haha! Perks!

I stayed there for three years and last week, I spent my last two days packing my stuff and running a few errands like getting my transcript of records and alumni card (which I also kept tweeting about, because the transformation from my frosh ID to my alumni ID is so funny!). I felt so nostalgic about it because I kind of grew up there too.

Anyway, took a break from all the packing and tiring "move-out errands" and dropped by Mercato for a quick spin at their desserts and drinks.
I forgot from which online store I bought the top from, but it's absolutely comfy!
Tube top used as skirt | Snakeskin printed bag | Shoes - Mi Lujuria
  Turquoise bangle - Rustan's | Safari style bracelet - YRYS | Abaka bracelet - Yabang Pinoy
 I love, love, love matte nail polish! Had my nails done at this salon called "B.A.R." located at the University Mall, near De La Salle University.
What's a good brand that carries a matte nail polish? :) I'm such a sucker for colored nails and now, matte nail polish!!!
And to match the feather printed neckline of my top, I wore my Anagon Collection feather earrings!
If you haven't heard, Anagon Collection has made a comeback! Make sure to visit to shop for the latest Anagon accessories! ;)

Weather's been very unpleasant and unpredictable lately, so it was kind of hard to decide how I'd dress up for that night. Just decided to wear something I can easily move around in since it was a food market and it's always packed with (besides food) people.

1. Remember when I said I'm cooking up something for SPELLMEGANN? I'm about to re-launch my blog real soon! The purpose of this is really personal for me, but I hope most of you will like (and agree to) it too! Now, I just need your help - does anyone know how I can somehow re-link (I don't know the proper term) the homepage of my blog? To somehow put an 'on hiatus' message of some sort? So you guys won't be able to see how messy it'll first before it gets organized. Heehee. :) Would really appreciate your help!

2. PLUS, for the young moms, mom bloggers and moms who are interested in print modeling, please contact me if you're free this Saturday and interested to model for an upcoming product designed for moms. ;) Just send me an e-mail at or send me a DM on Twitter and I'll let you know more about the details. If you're not a mom but also interested, feel free to also contact me! :)

Have a great week! :)

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  1. Yehey! :) Thank you for this plug hehe :)) Grabe I miss that phase/stage in my life na "fresh out of college" -- it's super confusing and kalurky to be there but sobrang fun din :) Good luck Megann! :)

  2. I had my nails done in BAR too and I didn't like the service. Parang minadali lang ako kasi inaantok yung girl. Wengk. Not going back there anymore. Hahaha. I like Nail Files better!!

  3. @ Ana: No problem! Grabe I know. I'm experiencing it na. Like my parents want me to be in a field I don't wanna be in and stuff like that. :< Super struggle to argue with them.

    @ Jenny: Service was just okay for me. I do like, however, that they have a wide range of nail polishes. I still like my taga-manicure na home service haha. We've had her since forever. :p

  4. Buy a pair of the glasses na! Hehe. :p Will be waiting for your email before planning my weekend. Thanks! :)

  5. your shoes are so cute! i thought they were a new design by toms at first! very nice :)

    "Join my Paisley clothing Halloweed giveaway! Up for grabs is a giant shopper, color block sandals and a bunch of chocolates!"

  6. So landi naman your second photo! Hahaha! Charot! :P

  7. @ Honey: Natawa ako! Okay ba yon? Sideview with matching tingin sa dumi sa floor. Pak!!! Hahaha!

  8. Ang gandaaaaaa ng shoes mo :) Hi Megann! :)


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