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I was having a really rough Monday and I was hoping for a few things to turn this day around--like watching No Other Woman and having a fix...

I was having a really rough Monday and I was hoping for a few things to turn this day around--like watching No Other Woman and having a fix of Serenitea's Hokkaido Milk Tea with 75% sweetness level.

And yes, I was able to force a certain person--a boy, if you will--to watch the very emotion-injected film. As expected, the film delivered. Though there were times I thought it was kind of off or trying too hard, I still appreciated the fact that they gave the audience a well-written script and exceptional acting.

After the movie, we had to drop by this little corner located at the cinemas area of Alabang Town Center.

Looks familiar? Of course it should! Their space is small, but their bright apple green corner just craves for some attention!

Besides the best sellers, they're also offering "tea for the season", which probably compliments the holiday feel of the -ber months. This isn't a sponsored post or anything, but I thought I'd just share. :)


And since this was a night of unwinding, I decided to be dressy-casual. I balanced off the metallic dress with this top I got from my mom. It was hers when she was about my age.

I flipped it around, turning it into a vest (yes, the buttons are originally supposed to be at the back) and having the rose detailing at the back instead. I think it still gives the whole outfit the edge despite the feminine detail.

Wearing: Top/Vest {vintage}; Dress {Hong Kong}; Shoes; Bag {Mango}

Used my camouflage print-looking shoes just to play with the print-on-print effect a little bit. Subtle and casual--just perfect for a quick night of movie and milk tea.

Wearing: Accessories {Anagon Collection, Style Scene, Coco Girl & Solo}; Watch {Tomato}

Leaned more towards the silver accessories with just a few golds in there to give off a tougher vibe to the whole thing. Wore the Tomato watch I tweeted about here and used the black strap for this night. I'll do a separate post on it soon so I can show you the whole set. I really think this gift came just in time! Thank you Ninong & family! :)

That's about it. I'll be announcing the winners of my giveaway soon!! Hope you all have a great week! :)

♥♥ Megann
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  1. The lines for Serenitea at ATC are craaaaazy. Where in the South do you live? I'm near ATC lang! :)


  2. I love ATC. I grew up in that mall, and no amount of Greenbelt or Rockwell or High Street will ever replace that unique love I have for it. :D

  3. i love serenitea!i only drink wintermelon because am scared to try other flavors.haha

  4. totally love your outfit :) i just wanna steal your dress

  5. sana we have this in cebu. i wanna try!


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