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After spending my morning up until around 2PM at the Trendsetter's Bazaar ( read this post ), R and I headed to Ayala to run some erran...

After spending my morning up until around 2PM at the Trendsetter's Bazaar (read this post), R and I headed to Ayala to run some errands and finally use my gift certificate from Levi's Philippines

But before I actually used my GC, I've gone to the Original Levi's Store located in Greenbelt 5 prior to this day just so I could look around and have an idea of what I would probably want to buy. I was pretty set with a light blue denim polo... up until I heard about their new Curve ID jeans that are designed to compliment a woman's figure. I took the fit quiz on their website to check what jeans would fit me. I found out that I am a demi curve. So when I got to the Levi's store, I immediately asked about the Curve ID.

I was first measured to check what would be my 'ID'. I know I said I already tried the fit quiz, but of course, I just wanted to make sure. And so it was confirmed: demi curve it is!

I tried two jeans - the first was skinny, the second was straight cut. I took so long trying to decide! I kept going in and out of the fitting room. But can you guess which one I picked? Leave it in the comment box below! I'd love to hear why!

I'll post a Levi's outfit photo soon, since I was also able to purchase a very cute top!

Thank you so much to the staff of the Original Levi's Store in Greenbelt 5 for being so helpful and patient with me (considering I really did take forever to decide :p).

And thank you once again, Levi's! I'm looking forward to more of your fashion innovations! #GOFORTH :)


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  1. ummm....both??? haha! :)

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  2. Gah. I need a pair of Levi's jeans, I've decided. And I hope you picked the first one. Love it on you! :)

    Btw, my orange nailpolish is called Heat Wave by Orly. Highly recommend it! :)



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