Deliciously Stylish Watch(es)

Here's a discovery I'd like to share with you all. Nothing sponsored, just thought this is interesting. You guys know how import...

Here's a discovery I'd like to share with you all. Nothing sponsored, just thought this is interesting.

You guys know how important it is to match your accessories with the whole outfit, right? I mean, throwing on a different set of accessories can totally change the whole vibe of what you're going for. Now, I've never been the type to hoard watches but I've always thought of them as accessories too--something you should match with the outfit as well. But since I don't exactly buy a lot of watches and I can't not have a watch with me because I'm so used to looking at it from time to time, sometimes I compromise the matching just so I'd be able to keep track of time.

The training we had Communication Arts majors also challenged us to manage our time well, given that we don't only tackle with one aspect of media. We learned about desktop publishing, radio programming, video film making, photography, and electives such as creative writing, acting, and a lot more. So you see how important it is to not only have a planner but a wrist watch as well.

So when I received this from my ninong as a graduation present, I was really excited. I even tweeted about it!

The changable straps makes it easier now for me to match my watch to the outfit! I've been asked a lot too, about where I got it, so I take that as a good sign!

I'm not sure how much the set is priced, but I'll edit this entry once I find out! :) TOMATO, this is absolutely deliciously stylish! ;)

What about you? What's one thing you received/got lately that you're excited to wear out? :)

♥♥ Megann

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  1. The watches in Tomato are really nice! And very affordable too :) I got 2 watches in one visit there before, I've been using them ever since. I've been meaning to get a new watch also but I never found the time to do it, but your post just reminded me and inspired me even more to get one haha! I just love a good watch! Not :)

  2. okay putol pala comment ko haha! I meant, I just love a good watch! Not only is it stylish, it's very smart also, very chic :)

  3. Nikki, I was wondering about that too! :) Kinda waited for the second part of the comment haha! Thanks! :)

  4. Hahaha I'm so sorry, parang naging joke tuloy yung first comment ko may "Not" sa dulo. I'm still trying to get the hang of blogger and its features :P

  5. omg! i so love tomato watches!!! their bags are also nice..lucky you!! =)


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