All Set To Graduate!

For those of you who don't know, the reason I haven't been mentioning anything about school or training here on my blog the past cou...

For those of you who don't know, the reason I haven't been mentioning anything about school or training here on my blog the past couple of posts is because I'll be graduating this coming Saturday, October 15! That means I've been on house arrest and have been spending my time resting and editing my resume. Employers, I am graduating! Just thought I'd get that out there. Haha!

Anyway, my whole Wednesday was spent in school. I went there to pay for the photos and claim my toga, attend the Recognition Rites, Baccalaureate mass, and the graduation practice. It was a loooong day and I probably wouldn't have survived if it weren't for my friends (and Kit's nearby condo, where we hung out during lull moments)!

{ Dress from People Are People } 

We are officially one sleep away from graduating and I'm getting mixed feelings about it. I'm excited and I feel fulfilled that I have gone through the experience I did as a Communications Arts major, and I'm uneasy because I'm uncertain of what the future holds. Then again, aren't we always worried about what the future may bring? Well, whatever it is, I'm all set! Bring it on!

And to my fellow graduates, congratulations!!! :)

So there... if you have any questions about my major, what I do, or anything else unrelated to that, feel free to send them in to my e-mail ( or on my Formspring which you can find on the right panel of my blog.

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  1. Congratulations!

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  2. Congratulations! It feels great to get that weight off from your shoulders. I mean I love school but the exams and defense and revalidas are killing me :)! I'm a senior and I hope to be graduating this SY as well (crossing fingers). I'm soo excited for you, hope you have a blast! All the best! - Mar
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  3. wow happy graduation! congrats to're gonna miss college days a lot when you start really you should enjoy every minute of your graduation day tomorrow! yehey!=)


  4. wow congratulations to you all- you look so cute, lovely dress! Hope you have a most gorgeous weekend darl!
    Come and follow my blog darling!

  5. I remember my feeling when I graduated. It is just so overwhelming and emotional :"> CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!

    Anna of

  6. congraattss! i just found ur blog :)


  7. Wow. Congrats dear! :)

    Followed you by the way. I'll appreciate if u'll follow back megan:)



  8. thank you very much for your sweet comment and following :)
    follow you back

  9. Thank you so much everyone!! :) Will visit back your blogs in a bit :)


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