What It Feels To Be On Stage

Last week, I went outfit hunting once again for my graduation dress in Glorietta/Greenbelt. I know I still have a lot of time to look, but I...

Last week, I went outfit hunting once again for my graduation dress in Glorietta/Greenbelt. I know I still have a lot of time to look, but I've been looking for about two weeks now just because I want to have choices; like, I want to be able to really look at different stores and different malls just to see what styles they have and which ones I'm drawn to. For now, I've got a few possible pieces in mind but I'm still determined to check out other stores.

R was very patient with going with me from one store to the next. We all know how guys are when it comes to shopping, so for him to be THAT patient is very commendable! Haha!

Now, about that blog title... this is because I had my photos taken at that part of Greenbelt with the big staircases (I think it's the topmost floor). And well, it really felt like I was on stage and people kept looking. Haha! Kakahiya pero keri!

 Top - VerVe | Skirt - Hong Kong | Shoes - Mi Lujuria

I know I've been doing the ribbons and florals combo, but it's just too cute to resist!
 Bag - c/o my cousin, Bea

Looks like R was copying me, but I was actually copying him ;) Hahaha! Anyway... isn't the bag just gorgeous? This actually used to be my cousin-slash-bestfriend, Bea's, until she sold it to me! Heehee I was such a happy kid when I got this. Sad thing is, I don't know where she got it. It's unbranded too, so I can't share with you :(

It's so perfect because I'm actually the big-bag kind of person because I hate lugging my camera bag around. It makes it too obvious plus it's an extra bag to carry! And as small as this bag looks, it's actually surprising that it was able to place my DSLR inside! Now that's my kind'a bag! :)

Silver bangle - Random mall stall | Leaf connector ring & Queen crown ring - Anagon Collection

We had dinner with my brother Alex and his girlfriend after. Watch out for my post about a newly opened Thai restaurant in Greenbelt 5! ;)

By the way, I'm working on something new for my blog! Wait for it!!! :) I'm really excited about this!!!

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  1. i super duper love your bag!!! your outfit is great too!


  2. I'm totally eyeing your bag, sweetie!! very fasyon! :) and yep, that staircase is epic! how courageous of you to take photos there!! love it! :) I hope you'd drop by my blog when you have the time!

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  3. love your bag!


  4. thanks for dropping by my blog! :) love the bag!

  5. What a patient guy! Nakakainggit!

    The BF naku walang pasensya sa akin when I go clothes-hunting. I just tell him to make his own rounds kundi talagang maiinip siya sa akin! Haha!

    I love florals too. Veryy feminine and dainty. :)

  6. MariaKristela, he used to get very impatient before but I guess nasanay na lang siya sa akin. ;p

  7. Thank you girls for the bag compliment! :)


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