Pamper Sunday: REVLON Professional Makeover Weekend

I've always had a hard time managing my hair. You see, my hair is very thick and dry (due to the excessive sun exposure). Bad hair days ...

I've always had a hard time managing my hair. You see, my hair is very thick and dry (due to the excessive sun exposure). Bad hair days aren't unusual for me. I try very hard to get ready really ahead of time whenever I'm going out so that I'll have enough time to fix my hair; however, if I'm in a rush, you'll most likely see my hair in a bun. So when Ana referred me to Revlon's Makeover Weekend, I immediately said YES with no hesitations! Thank you so much, neighbor!

Last Sunday (Sept. 18), I, along with fellow bloggers Ava, Keigh and Aie (finally met her!), went to Revlon's studio to have our hair done. When I arrived at the venue, there were already other people there as well (bloggers and different media personalities).

I was first taken aside so that the photographer could take my before photo downstairs. When we got to our stations, I remembered I didn't have a 'before' copy, so I asked Ava to take a photo.

My makeover seatmate.

They also asked me to fill this out before beginning, in order to know what my chosen service was. My mom didn't want me to color my hair because she likes my [sometimes] very jet black hair, so nanghihinayang siya with that. I share the same sentiment, so I opted for a haircut + hair treatment.

 Kabusog ang spaghetti at unlimited iced tea! Plus desserts and garlic bread.

While waiting, they had a buffet and a very comfortable lounge area! I wanted to take the couch home! Heehee. Plus, they had this video about their new collection (which I will talk about in a different post) to keep you entertained while you waited for your turn or for the treatment to settle in (on your hair).

Busy work stations! I was told that they invited about 60 people. I was part of the third batch for that day and they had one more batch to go after ours. Amazing!! It was a Makeover WEEKEND, so they also did makeovers the day before (Saturday).
 Keigh sat diagonally from me. Here we go! Start na!

Ms. Agnes and Ms. Fem started on my scalp treatment after I had my hair shampooed. The treatment will give my scalp the nutrients it needs in order to protect my hair. After which, the hair treatment was applied to the rest of my hair. Ms. Agnes was patient with applying the hair treatment on sections of hair, considering I have really thick hair.

So I've always been curious and I found out that the hair treatment is actually different from the hot oil treatment in terms of the problems they are targeting. According to Ms. Agnes, hot oil is used basically as 'maintenance' for the hair, in order to maintain (for lack of a better term) the health of the hair and even give it more nutrients. The hair treatment is more concerned with hair that has been damaged due to straightening/relaxing/rebonding--which is exactly the root of my problem!

After 20 minutes (or less) of leaving the treatment on my hair, they washed it off and I had what they called the hair repair massaged onto my hair--which they also washed after 3 minutes.

 Now I'm just wondering if there's a proper way to sit on a salon hair washing chair thingy because I always get that aching/uncomfortable feeling at the back of my head/neck! :( Do you girls get that too? :(

Mr. Archie styled my hair. I'll leave the result of this makeover plus outfit shot for a different post. :)

By the way, Mr. Archie didn't want to cut my hair anymore because adding more layers to it or shortening the length won't do my unbelievably thick hair any good. So, hoo-rah for that! I'm actually glad that they really took the time to "examine" your hair and see what would best fit you.

Thank you REVLON PROFESSIONAL PHILIPPINES for having me at your Makeover weekend! Thank you Ms. Eizel and Ana! And thank you also for the amazing goodies. My hair will definitely love these!

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  1. Post the after shot naaa!!:)

    OMG I'd die for a treatment in Revlon. My hair's so damaged ;(

  2. ako naman pagrab ng pix haha wala ako nung makeover sessions ko!:P love your hair, twin! kahit hindi ka pa nag pacolor i think worth it!

  3. Jenny, like them on Facebook! Their studio located in Pasig is their training center, apparently, so they're not open for customers yet. They're working on having a normal studio though, so keep posted thru FB ;)

    Twin, go ahead! :) I love your hair ah, parang red-ish/burgundy. Mas pansin na yung color! So bagay with your white skin :"> Ganda!


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