May Yabang Ka Ba?

Attended the Yabang Pinoy Bloggers Night last Monday held at [ proudly Pinoy ] Bo's Coffee in Glorietta 5. It was actually a last-minute...

Attended the Yabang Pinoy Bloggers Night last Monday held at [proudly Pinoy] Bo's Coffee in Glorietta 5. It was actually a last-minute thing as I only saw Ana's tweet about it on the day itself. Luckily, my parents allowed me to still attend. They even brought me there at nagdate muna sila habang nag-e-event ako!

So glad I attended because I've been hearing about them a lot and great to finally have a more clear idea of what they are about. Yabang Pinoy advocate/volunteer Ms. Maricris Sarino hosted the event and spoke about their cause.

I've always been proud of the way I was raised. Alam ko kung saan ang probinsya ko, marunong ako magmano, marunong gumamit ng po at opo, at marunong magsalita ng tuwid na Filipino. And I really do believe in Yabang Pinoy's cause. Napakaganda ng sarili nating wika, bakit hindi natin gamitin? Have you tried reading Filipino poetry? I haven't read a lot, but Filipino stories and other literary pieces give off a stronger emotion for me.

One of their projects that I really like (and would want to participate in one of these days) is their Pinasport Project, which encourages Filipinos to travel and discover the Philippines. Before going out of the country for vacation, why not try exploring what we have first? Hindi lang Boracay ang meron tayo. I remember one of the most memorable trips I've been to was my trip to Magalawa Island, Zambales. It was barely developed, but we couldn't care less. It was beautiful as it was and we enjoyed camping there - yes, real deal no electricity camping! I'm game for adventures like that.

They also push for caring for our natural resources: Kung mahal mo siya, alagaan mo siya.

And as you can see, Rock ng Republika's goal is "to redefine, reinvent and revive Filipiniana to thrive in the now" - I think this is a good project especially for fashion designers and enthusiasts to be more conscious about the materials they use or the brands they wear. Kung si Lady GaGa nga gusto lagi bongga ang shoulder details, bakit hindi rin tayo? (HA HA I crack myself up!)

Partner bloggers with Yabang Pinoy advocates. Thank you for having us!

So glad I finally have an abaka bracelet! Dati ko pa gusto nyan. It came with a card that posted the question, "Ano ang maipagyayabang mo bilang isang Pilipino?"
 Finally met Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale. *Starstruck*
 Also, Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums. *Starstruck ulit!*
Thank you to Geri Dela Cruz of Yabang Pinoy for inviting us!

They have a lot more other projects and events that promote their cause. And I'm inviting everyone to partake in this amazing group. Let's all rediscover our roots together and learn more about the goldmine that Philippines is and recognize talent that is truly may yabang and truly Pinoy!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS BECAUSE YABANG PINOY WILL BE BRINGING TO US THE GLOBAL PINOY BAZAAR ON NOVEMBER 5 & 6 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati. Entrance is P100, but YP has given us tickets to give to our readers. So watch out for that! :)

Visit their website or their Facebook page to learn more about their cause.
Follow them on Twitter too!

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  1. this is the first time I have heard about this event. Sounds amazing

    Miss Macherie

  2. @ Macherie: You should definitely check out their projects! There will be a Global Pinoy Bazaar on Nov 5-6. JOIN MY GIVEAWAY TO WIN PASSES! :)


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