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As I mentioned in my previous post , I will be graduating this October, which means I have lots of free time in my hands now. The idea of ha...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be graduating this October, which means I have lots of free time in my hands now. The idea of having free time has always been unusual to me, let alone actually experiencing said free time. But since I've been home the whole week, I've indulged in nothing but a 3AM bedtime, a 2PM brunch, a 6PM dinner, and a repeat of everything. It's unbelievably routine and mindless! The inner workaholic in me is craving to do something---ANYTHING!

I was lucky enough to be allowed out last Friday as I've been pseudo-grounded because of 'the great superstition' (will talk more about that at the end of the post).

So a couple of my friends and I went down to The Orchard Golf & Country Club in Cavite to experience some Friday bum-time.

I didn't swim though because I am still recovering from an open wound, plus, I've left practically my whole closet back in Manila (including swimsuits), which means I have nothing but pambahays in my closet at home. And besides being incredibly chill, I was the official photographer for the day because I had my baby Rocky (my Canon 500D) with me. This explains the lack of photos of myself.

We headed to the Mahogany Market in Tagaytay for a really late lunch (as we, bums, are used to late lunches haha!). Had bulalo, fried shrimp, lechon kawali, and a cup of rice each (well, the boys had two cups; ang tunay na lalaki, nag-e-extra rice!). Plus, we got a free serving of sliced pineapples too! P600+ for 5 people was worth it! We were all full by the end of this day and decided to chill at Summit Ridge in Tagaytay before going home.

It was a great day! I'm glad I finally got to go out after such a loooooong week of absolute nothingness!

Oh, before I forget, the great superstition, yes--is anyone here familiar with that superstition that you are more prone to danger when there is something grand that you are looking forward to (e.g. graduation, debut, wedding, etc)? Yes, that's it! So I'm not allowed to go on trips that will last for more than a day and such until October! How sad! :( Huhu anyone else feel my pain?

But I do hope all is well with you guys! Have a great week ahead!

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  1. oooh i remember when we were in bangkok..i think days before my birthday, my mom won't allow me to swim at the deep end of the pool haha! superstition =P

    I miss having trips with friends! the last major one i had was 7th grade pa ata haha! EK =P

  2. I LOVE having free time! Haha. Make great use of it! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    Belly B :)


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