Filed Flavor: John and Yoko

Before I begin, let me introduce to you a new section on my blog. From now on, I will be calling my food adventures, Filed Flavor . This way...

Before I begin, let me introduce to you a new section on my blog. From now on, I will be calling my food adventures, Filed Flavor. This way, you'll have an easier time looking through my posts. And just a short intro: Filed Flavor will be composed of food reviews based on my opinion. I am no food expert, so this is all from the perspective of someone who just likes trying out different places to eat. Alright? Great.

Nothing exceptional/blog-worthy has been happening in my life lately, which is why I haven't posted anything new for more than a week now. Thank goodness I was rescued from the monotony of my life in Manila when I was told that I'd be meeting my family and relatives for dinner because my balikbayan cousin is here for a visit.

After much thinking, and due to the pressure of growling stomachs, we agreed to try out John and Yoko at Greenbelt 5. It was my second time eating there, but I barely remember the first time I did. All I do remember from that first-time experience was two people downing a platter for four. Get the picture? Massive pig-out care of yours truly and my brother's girlfriend. Yes, we are such ladies.

But on to the story of this second visit.

The interior is snazzy. The lights are dimmed with violet and red lights (which is the restaurant's motif) everywhere. The design has a very modern vibe juxtaposed with the screening of black and white Japanese movies projected on the wall. Some of the chairs are even designed with Japanese images.

We had four platters served, which I really wasn't able to get the name of because before I could even think, I found myself already reaching for the California Maki, Tuna Sashimi and Beef Teppan. As for the taste, though, I'd say it's delicious. It has a more sweet hint to it compared to other Japanese restaurants I've been to.

As for the price, the place is rather upscale so prepare your wallets. Expect to spend about P400 per head. I suggest you dine there with a larger group and enjoy their platters rather than going there with just a companion. This way, you can enjoy more from their menu.

Visit John and Yoko at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati.
Or have it delivered to your doorstep by calling (02)729-8698.
View their menu on MunchPunch.

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  1. Gersh took me here for my first mother's day and we really enjoyed their food :) Love the photos, twin and how you called it.. "filed flavor!"

  2. Ooohhh The pictures are so gorgeous!! :)

    <3 Belly B


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