Past Bedtime @ Midnight Mercato

I can't believe how bipolar the weather has been! Just early last week, it rained so hard that streets were flooded and electricity was ...

I can't believe how bipolar the weather has been! Just early last week, it rained so hard that streets were flooded and electricity was out. But now, it's the absolute opposite. You can just feel the heat of the sun pricking your skin! So nowadays, it seems better to go out after the sun goes down. And if you get hungry in the middle of the night like me, then you'll definitely enjoy a place like Midnight Mercato in The Fort!

Don't worry... it's okay to indulge every now and then! ;)

After a long day spent shooting and talking about our thesis, I was picked up by my friend Reca (who came all the way from Marikina woohoo!). My thesismates were supposed to come with me, but Sam couldn't anymore and Maita was too tired. :( We still went with some friends from Rotaract.

It was my first time there and I'd say it would be heaven to any foodie/food junkie. It was a halo-halo of homemade food and streetfood, and even some resembling restaurant food.

There is no entrance fee, but you definitely have to prepare for the prices of the food there because they aren't exactly cheap. The cheapest one I could find was a 3-piece chicken drumstick meal (with rice and iced tea) for P80. That's just to give you an idea. The pizza you see above is worth P150/slice and looks like something from Sbarro (but it's not). Going there was worth it, though. I've never been to like a night food market, so the experience is definitely one for the books. I'd love to go back there again and try out the other food.
As for the market's set-up, it's just like this big tent on a large field with food stalls. Tables and chairs are also provided for the convenience of the guests; you can choose to either sit inside the airconditioned area or outside--we didn't have much of a choice though as it was really packed last Friday.
Mercato Centrale at The Fort: Midnight Mercato is located in Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig, 34th Street and 8th Avenue across Home Depot. Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11PM to 3AM.

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  1. ive never been to a night food market. oh boy, youre making me hungry! :)

  2. Wow. All those foods looks adorable. Is this in the Philippines? My husband would die if he went back and got a hand on all those yummy food!

  3. Oooh mercato!am dying to visit that place.the pizza looks yummy!how was it? I heard the Bagnit is out of this world!;)

  4. Hi Leenie! Yes this is in the Philippines! :) It's in Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig. You should definitely check it out if you visit the country.

  5. Mestizay, it's open during Fridays & Saturdays 11PM to 3AM. I haven't tried that, but I'll definitely look for it when I come back! :) I love going there. There's always something to try. :) Free tastes are awesome haha.


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