Apparently, It's Not Too Late

... to date a  108 . 108 is my batch in school and it means I entered the University in the year 2008. And written above is pretty much th...

... to date a 108.

108 is my batch in school and it means I entered the University in the year 2008. And written above is pretty much the tagline for our batch prom: It's not too late to date a 108. Apparently, it isn't too late to have a prom in college either.

I've seen formal balls happen in other countries countless times, but not here in the Philippines. School formals are usually done in the form of proms for seniors (and sometimes juniors, depending on which school you go to). So this effort by the batch government to come up with something like this is actually a nice thought, especially for those who weren't able to experience their prom in high school. Although, of course, after having gone to our college prom, I'd still say high school proms are different. It's more intimate/warm, since you're with the people you practically grew up with.

I went with a few college friends... who also happen to be the people I'd have late dinners with. And I should say that even though I know my batchmates in college aren't so familiar with each other, I'm glad to have found some sort of family here as well. They've been the people I've been with during stressful rant nights, meetings over dinner, and silly, LLP moments (that's an inside joke). So I guess I can't compare high school prom with college prom because they're totally different worlds, just to say. But it's nice to also have your own little world inside of college; a world that has become your comfort zone... and a world that will laugh with you while the rest of the other worlds sit staring, wondering what the hell you were talking about. And it's nice to surround yourself with such wonderful people with wonderful hearts... and wonderful tastes in clothes.

My dress and accessories were borrowed from my mom. You see, I wanted to go for something simple and classic, and I thought this should do the trick--black and pearls always do. And well, there's no problem with looking fantastic in photos, too, if you've got Kit de Silva as your photographer. Yes, you got that right... these photos were taken by this lovely lady right here:

Even the photographer is as beautiful as her pictures. You can look up her works in Facebook or Youtube (yes she does amazing videos too). Support my friend, kids!

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  1. your outfit spells * C L A S S I C!! <3 thats gorgeous dear!


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