Tonio's Back and Runway Night

I’m back… and so is my precious Tonio! FYI, Tonio is my laptop. And as I mentioned in my previous post, he crashed last week while I was in...

I’m back… and so is my precious Tonio! FYI, Tonio is my laptop. And as I mentioned in my previous post, he crashed last week while I was in the middle of working on final requirements. You can only imagine how completely frustrated I was! But I do have to applaud technology and how far it has gone now, because had it been that external hard drives still don’t exist and the ability to access my files from another computer by connecting it to my laptop wasn’t possible then I don’t think I’d have MY FILES WITH ME NOW! So I am very thankful to whoever fixed my laptop—I am eternally greatful! You saved my ass from the hassle of re-typing all the shitload I’ve been working on for weeks.

Next agenda: November gig flashback! I’m still behind on the events I’ve been to, so I’m still updating you guys up until now. I guess I am now more backtracked because of what happened… but I won’t let that bother me anymore. All is good. For now, let me share with you another fashion show I did:

FREED PARTY was a benefit event for the Infectious Disease Section of Philippine General Hospital (PGH). I was given the gig by a friend, who was helping out another friend by looking for models for their fashion show. It was for a cause and I was free (haha get it? Because the party is called Freed. KTHXBYE!) that night anyways, so I thought I’d give it ago.

The clothes were sponsored by Whoops and Reborn—brands I’ve modeled for once before (see: Strutting Around Town). I have to say, I like the clothes I wore in this fashion show better than the ones I wore in the post I linked above. It was a maroon-ish/red violet-ish body-hugging dress with butterfly winged sleeves (if that’s what you call it). The dress I wore was from Reborn. Accessories were by Reborn, too, and then I added some Anagon Collection to make it more flashy. The always trusty Anagon accessories! I can’t show you a really good outfit picture, but my friend has one of mine. He just hasn’t uploaded yet so I can’t share any with you. These are just pictures that I’ve gotten so far.

I didn’t stay so late in the event like I usually would, because I was kind of already tired. I stayed like an hour after the fashion show and already left with some of my friends. Thank you to my good friend Pao, for giving me the spot in the show and Trixie, who was one of the organizers. Congratulations to your team and the event!

I’m always so thankful whenever I get the chance to model. I have to admit, I am a frustrated model! I’m only 5’4”—though most people would refuse to believe this—so I don’t exactly qualify as a runway model… flight attendant, pwede pa! Seriously speaking though, I’d love to be a little bit taller (though I know someone who’d not want me to, LOL). Oh how I wish Cherifer worked its magic a little more than it already did before. But now that I think about it, I’m sort of a frustrated actress too—having acted for a bunch of my friends’ films. I guess I’m just… frustrated. LOL okay, I’m kidding about being frustrated. Frustrated about thesis is more like it!

Anyway, speaking of, I better get going. I only took a break from thesis writing. Our second draft for the research paper is due already on Monday so my group and I are going all out this weekend! Hope everyone has a great weekend! xo

PS. Please check out my Twin Ava’s blog! I just made a new header for her. Show her some love. Yay! <3

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  1. Ah, the laptop crash before right before the deadline.. BUMMER! Hope it won't happen to me. All these papers.. their driving me crazy already. Fret not, you are not alone. THESIS is a major social overkill. Thank God you have a life still.

    Fun pictures you have. loved what you're wearing.

  2. nice pictures,twin! you look gorgeous!!:) hihi your such a model!! I hope your managing well without the laptop right now :|

    thanks for mi header!!

  3. OMG about the laptop crash! I would have died if that happened to me :)) But buti nalang ayos na :) Goodluck with the thesis thing :D Btw, i followed you on bloglovin <3

  4. wow that must be an awesome party.


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