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Went for a last-minute dinner out with the parents for their anniversary, at Red Kimono in Westgate. They are a Japanese restaurant that se...

Went for a last-minute dinner out with the parents for their anniversary, at Red Kimono in Westgate. They are a Japanese restaurant that serve scrumptious food, designed and named to make you want to try out almost everything on the menu!

We had a round of their Hot Shot Roll, which had tuna, jalapeƱo, cream cheese, avocado and spring onions. While my tongue isn’t the biggest fan of spicy dishes… and I mean really not. I get all tongue-out just thinking about spicy food (yes, weakling)…the roll wasn’t as spicy as I had expected it to be. Considering I’m such a coward, I can tell all you non-spicy-eating friends that you can try this out and you’ll still get out alive!

As for the Tuna Sashimi Salad, well, this is something different. I am a big fan of Omakase’s Spicy Tuna Salad and based on the RK salad’s description, it’s somewhat a counterpart of it. But I gotta tell you, I’m not a big fan of this one… I think there’s too much mayonnaise in there and not enough crummy stuff that Omakase usually has. Yeah, I kind of got tired of the taste easily.

The line-up of food on the Sashimi Platter tasted like most sashimi’s I’ve eaten. Everything’s edible, but nothing intensely notable for its taste.

The Red Scorpion Maki…it’s a first of its kind that I’ve tried, I think. So it sets standards for the rest of the Red Scorpion Maki-like rolls for me in future visits to Japanese restaurants! It’s basically crab, salmon and scallops topped with tuna. A definite round at the buffet table in one roll!

Their bottomless Iced Tea (note that they don’t have the regular one) is priced at P75. It’s relatively okay, considering the price range of the place. For more info or if you want to see their menu, you can click this [link].

Outfit: Top Forever21 | High-waist trousers Vintage (mom’s) | Shoes Landmark Department Store (Zanea) | Accessories Anagon Collection and Stylescene
*Decided to break in my new babies. I love department stores! They have collections and collections of shoes at such affordable prices. You just can’t resist!

Ooh! I would also like to thank the people who have been following my blog. Really... I didn't think my life or posts were that interesting. Heehee so it obese-s my heart (if there was such a term) to know you awesome possum guys think otherwise! *Giddy dance*

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  1. Haven't tried red kimono. Looks good. Drooling with the sushi! haha =p Your outfit looks nice, twin!:) The shoes are love!

  2. You should try it! But Omakase's still my favorite Japanese restaurant! Have you heard of that? You should try that as well. :D Thanks twin!


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