Counting Down the Hours to 2011

As it is the last day of 2010, I thought I should finish catching up on my posts today. To start off: the birthday lunch I had with my famil...

As it is the last day of 2010, I thought I should finish catching up on my posts today. To start off: the birthday lunch I had with my family++. I blogged about it already in this post, but I never got to show a picture from that day. So I thought I'd share with you just this one that I received yesterday:

Outift: Top Thrift | Skirt Vintage* | Bag Guess
 Let me just share the story of that vintage skirt. It used to be a maxi skirt owned by my mom, which she had custom-made when she was about the same age as I am (or a few years older). It looked marvelous as a maxi skirt; unfortunately, as I am taller, the length wasn't right... and I mean it cuts me off the wrong way. So my mom just had it altered to be a short high-waisted skirt... which is just as marvelous. I love the print! You gotta love stylish moms, indeed!

Outfit: Top Vintage | Shorts Thrift | Shoes Mi Lujuria | Bag Mango | Accessories Anagon Collection

And then there was that one time we went to Ayala Triangle (for the second time) to catch the Symphony of Parols. It's a show of lights and sounds that happens every 30 minutes, I think, from 6PM to 8PM. I was there with my parents, grandma, godson and R.

And that time we spent practically the whole day at the mall! This seems unusual as we haven't done this in a long time... and our day usually starts at night. I'm not a morning person, so it was expected that I would be late for this. But anyway, it was a despedida thing for our friend Kaye, because she will be in US for an internship. A year in US to work! Quite an opportunity and experience, I believe! So a whole day out with them was a must! We first had lunch at CPK, then [out of nowhere] decided to play Lazertag--which I totally suck at, by the way, and then had dinner and drinks afterward. What is total bonding!

Oh and lastly, while all fashionistas, bloggers, and fashion bloggers alike were raving about the Facehunter's booksigning event last 29th, I spent the day with my family and relatives. We had our annual Christmas gathering held here in Manila. We usually have it in the province, but I guess it's time for a change. I have no photos of it yet as I'm having problems transferring my files.

Speaking of change, I will be kind of changing the look of SPELLMEGANN for next year. I've been working on some stuff and hopefully, I'll have it ready by tomorrow. I'm almost done anyway, so I think that's possible. If interested in having me do your header (like Ava of artsyfartsyava), contact me through e-mail... which you can find at the left panel of my page. We can sort something out. Or any collaborations or projects you have in mind, you can e-mail me as well for that.

So let's leave all the negativity of 2010 behind us, start fresh and open ourselves to the opportunities of 2011.
Let me be the first to greet you all,

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  1. Cool I see some Anagon buyers in the last group pic, Megann! :D Haha! Thankyou for supporting the brand nun 2010, Happy New Year and cant wait to see the changes youve concocted for SpellMegann! :)))

  2. happy new year indeed!
    following you new blog now!!

  3. I'm glad you had a great time with your family! Its too bad I was alone on New Year but its okay, I'm still thankful that my family is okay and healthy and that's more than I can ask for. I'll be with them soon naman..

    Oh and that skirt from your Mom is pretty! :)

    I want a new header!!!! I'll email you!! :D

    Happy new year, new friend! :D

  4. @ Ana: Really? Wow, didn't know we were an "Anagon Barkada" ;) Looking forward to your next collections!

    @ Bridget: Hi Bridget! Thank you!

    @ LiezyL: Happy new year to you too, dear! And thank you for following. :)

    @ Honey: Oh why aren't you with your family? :( Hope you still enjoyed your new years celebration though! As for the header, just send me an e-mail with your ideas for it... or if you already have a specific look in mind, things you'd like for me to incorporate. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO! :) It's nice to meet you!

  5. Happy New Year :) You got one stylish mom indeed :D btw, i love your mango bag!! been looking for something like that but miserably failed haha


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