Good Week, Good Times

This week, I felt it was a little lighter than the usual -- not that I didn't do anything, but I was able to do more of the things that ...

This week, I felt it was a little lighter than the usual -- not that I didn't do anything, but I was able to do more of the things that I wanted to do. I remember spending my nights having dinner with my friends. We'd have lots of laughs, sans the thesis talk. I think I spent way too much this week though, because of food. Haha! But that's fine, since it's food anyways.

Tuesday, I had dragonboat training in the morning. I didn't realize it until Jikay brought it up, but the recruits (that includes me) have been with the team for a month or so now! It didn't even seem that long. And because that was the case, they had to step-up our training. We did more power longs, hards and quick drives, which are the strokes used for competing. It was very tiring, but it was a good experience for us. We also tried doing a mini race course; and by the end of it, I felt my arms falling off. LOL. It was that intense -- of course, especially if you're a newbie. But it was fun, nonetheless.

In the afternoon of Tuesday, since my 6pm class got called off, I met up with some Rotaract people to watch them play frisbee -- well, that was the initial plan. Then Kristel got me to play with them instead, so I changed and played with them. It was me, RC, Kar (I'm not sure of the spelling) and Mike, against Reca, Chox, Eric and Kriset. Our team won, hehe. The morning after, my body was aching. LOL. But I don't regret playing. It was awesome.

It was also in the past week that Green&White started with their pre-registration for the 2011 (Centennial) Yearbook. So during my free time, I manned the booth with other members of G&W.

(1) Boardwalk black top; (2) Penshoppe white jeans; (3) Promod grey bag; (4) Anagon accessories (buy at -- ring, peace necklace and hippie band.

My Friday was spent in a council meeting (composed of presidents and executive board members from CSO) in the morning, the WG junior officers team building and officers' meeting that followed in the afternoon, and Keren's 18th birthday celebration at Padi's Point/Iceberg's at night.

Writers' Guild junior officers: "Scribes"

Thank you so much for the treat, Keren! Much love and happy 18th birthday to our dear VP-Internals!

Yeah, it was a pretty packed week, but I enjoyed ALMOST every bit of it. Haha! Of course a week wouldn't be complete without some down times, but you just gotta get through it.

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  1. it's so cool you're in dragon boat! I always wanted to try extreme sports but mom's too scared. :|

    I love your outfits, twin! and like you I love ANAGON! hehe

    oh are you gonna be a centennial grad?:)


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