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I've been too busy this week to even notice that the problem is me. You see, I've been having this dilemma, trying to figure out wha...

I've been too busy this week to even notice that the problem is me. You see, I've been having this dilemma, trying to figure out what went wrong... but when I talked to a friend of mine earlier this afternoon, I realized that the better question is on where I went wrong. I'm having a love problem that I can't seem to figure out. I know I sound like not the lovey-dovey type for always seeming so happy with WORK, but of course, I am human and I do have a heart -- fully-functioning with all the complicated emotions, at that; though, I'd much rather keep the details to myself. I'm just too bothered right now that I had to post a tiny bit of it here.

On to a lighter note, I've decided to revive my Chictopia! I initially wanted to close it down because I wanted to move usernames; but then, I figured it would be such a hassle. So instead, I've decided to just clear the whole thing and start again. So as for a starting outfit -- I know it isn't much; it's a casual, everyday look.

(1) Vintage white vest with lace detail; (2) Random brand black floral top; (3) Bench dark blue denim jeans; (4) PabDer brown belt; (5) Mi Lujuria (buy at brown shoes; (6) Anagon (buy at blush pink round ring; (7) Random brand gold heart long necklace.

Speaking of starting again, we've got our new batch of junior officers (which we call "Scribes) all set! Writers' Guild held its first General Assembly for the newly accepted Scribes 2010-2011 last Friday, July 23. As usual, the activity had a theme and this time we went for an ala-CSI feel.

Unfortunately, not all 30+ accepted Scribes were able to make it; only half was present. Nevertheless, the event was still fun and awesome -- how can it not be? It's Writers' Guild! So we looked the part by dressing up in black and/or white. And let's not forget, the photo wall which we always design in line with the activity's theme! We made it look like the mugshot wall thing. LOL.

(1) Vintage black button-down dress (used to be my mom's); (2) Random brand brown belt.

I was also supposed to attend scuba diving lessons this morning, when I had to pass the chance because I had to shoot an exercise for my Video Production class. We finished around 8:30 in the evening, with the battery of my DLSR dying every once in a while -- that meant recharging about every 10 minutes! Such a hassle, but at least we finished.

Tomorrow, there'll be a Dragonboat race at Manila bay! I'm excited to check it out since I haven't really seen one live! So that's about it.

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  1. grabe super busy talaga pag student, megann! :) goodluck with school and wg! :) cool naman ng wall niyo, photo ops galore for sure !! ;) :D


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