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I'm a workaholic in denial. Obviously, this blog is ending up making me sound like a real one. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I guess I ...

I'm a workaholic in denial. Obviously, this blog is ending up making me sound like a real one. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I guess I just enjoy having something to do; it's more than passing time, it's something I've gotten used to. And once you're in it, it's kind of hard not to have it around. Part of this, also, is the fact that I like what I'm doing, despite the stress and struggles I face each day (yes, everyday there's a breaking news waiting to happen). It's weird because I've never really been like this back in high school. I admit I was a track and field varsity, danced/performed occasionally, and probably tried out various sports... but the dedication wasn't as dominant as it is now. Now it's just like, BOOM!

So fine, I might be a little bit workaholic. Let's just say I'm very active (which I am). And with that said, let me remind you of one of my recent involvements: dancing during the Centennial Celebration Countdown kick-off. It was held last week Wednesday, June 16. To give you a glimpse of what went on inside campus, here are some pictures from Sharm Ganchua!

DLSU's own version of a flash mob dance to I Gotta Feeling.
Yes, this was the secret I couldn't disclose in my previous post, heehee. And yes, this was where I participated.

Other events followed such as performances from the groups under CAO (Cultural Arts Office), fashion show, and presentations on the history of La Salle.

Together with the presidents from other ASPIRE (Alliance of SPIN-SCORE) organizations. :-)
a.k.a. "My boys" hahaha inside joke. ;-p

So there was a whole lot of celebrating going on all over campus. It was really tiring since I had to be up and fully-functioning at 8AM (and mind you, the reason why I don't get 8AM classes much is I'm very slow-paced in the morning). And then the dance, which we thought would only run for about six repetitions of the BEP song, I believe lasted for at least 30 minutes. Non-stop dancing, happy feet! :)) I just wanted to breathe after. Haha!

After the performance, I headed back to the office with some other officers who danced as well. We also got free food from the event, and chilled in the office. :-p After which, I went with Eunice and Reca to watch Letters to Juliet. The movie was actually nice, although I found some lines to be cheesy. Heehee. But yeah, it was a good one. :-) I guess I'll just review in a separate post to leave this one to its purpose (and focus). :-)

Aside from that little exposure to the whole DLSU body (hahaha), I decided to take on another challenge: DRAGON BOAT! :-) Training started today at 6AM. It was really hot, but morning sun is supposed to be good so okay. I actually enjoyed training despite the heat and sore muscles---oh, and super tan line (shorts and shirt, might I add :-p). The people from the team are really great! They were very friendly and fun. We'll see how this turns out.

I guess that's it for now. :-) Don't forget to follow me:


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