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After more than a week of putting off blogging because I've been too tired from work, I'm back! First off, I'd like to thank eve...

After more than a week of putting off blogging because I've been too tired from work, I'm back! First off, I'd like to thank everyone who followed my blog and who dropped by. It's so nice to see people really are checking my blog (or even just passing by).

So in the past posts, I've talked a lot about being an officer and heading a student organization, and how stressful my summer has been because of that. I know I might complain a lot, but one thing I discovered is that I have this love-hate relationship with my work. Not the org, just the work. And you might ask why I stay if it stresses me out so much, right? It's because of the rewarding feeling I get each time I know I accomplish something I slaved over for; it's that feeling I get when I know I like what I'm doing; it's that feeling I get that despite the sleepless nights and tired eyes, I still get to smile because someone thanked me and congratulated me for a job well done. The reward may not be monetary, but it's food for the soul and the heart. It just makes me feel good. Cheesy?

Anyway, let me just tell you: Frosh Welcoming 2010 was a success! Two weeks of running around campus, doing room-to-room campaigning, and setting up and dismantling booths... it was such a great feeling to know that we were able to surpass that and still have smiling faces after! In some way, dinaan na lang namin sa tawa yung mga nakakalokang problema.

Another thing I learned is to think on your toes. I remember being out-of-town for the 3-day YFC camp, and it was only when we were just on our way to the place when I got a text from one of my officers who was experiencing a crisis. "Wala talagang pahinga," I thought to myself. But even though I was really set to take a break -- which, let's be honest, isn't really an option, thankfully, I was still able to come up with something! And in just minutes, problem solved. I'd also like to thank Carlo Ibarra for helping me remember the stuff written on our old flyers.

At some point, I learned to love the work. I guess it's just a growing thing. It's a slow process, but at least I'm going somewhere.

Now the Annual Recruitment Week is coming up and another set of preparations is being carried out. I'm really excited! I hope we reach at least 200 members this year! THAT WILL REALLY BE SOMETHING. We nearly reached it last year, amounting to about 170+ members... so it won't be so impossible. I'll probably talk more about it and post pictures next time! :)

By the way, classes started last May 31st so I've been going to school for a week now. I'M ON MY LAST YEAR, HOPEFULLY. I'll talk more about this next time as well... wouldn't want this post to be too long.

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