Annual Recruitment Week + PLUG

Teaser advertisement by yours truly. Because I missed doing publicity materials for the org. :P Just yesterday (since technically it's ...

Teaser advertisement by yours truly.
Because I missed doing publicity materials for the org. :P

Just yesterday (since technically it's already Tuesday), the Annual Recruitment Week officially started! It is a week-long activity of the 39 organizations under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) wherein the organizations get to set-up booths and recruit new members, old members, and possibly junior officers (for those interested). The preparation is long and so is the process, but in the end, it is much a feeling of joy to know that you, along with your fellow officers, have accomplished something that benefits the organization. I can say this because I've joined the recruitment proper in the previous year as VP Publicity (and boy, was the work... WORK!).

The recruitment process will last until Friday (June 11, 2010), and hopefully by then, we've already reached our target number of 200 members... OR MORE! :)

So if you're from DLSU, I encourage you to join DLSU Writers' Guild. We're located along SJ Walk, bench 3 (third bench from central plaza, or just check the numbering of the stone tables). :) It's a great opportunity to learn about writing and maybe even find out you were born to be a writer! We offer workshops and seminars that can help you/that cater to your writing interest (e.g. poetry, journalism, Tale Craft, blogging, and other non-conventional forms of writing that you might take interest in). We also have team buildings and general assemblies to give you the chance to be closer with your fellow members... and develop your interpersonal skills (great for the resume! ;p). And no, you don't need to be a writer to join the organization. There is no test whatsoever. Getting in is as simple as filling out an application form (and paying a small fee)! Should you have any questions, our officers in the booth are very much willing to answer them! :)

So there. If you ask me, it really is different when you're a part of an organization. It's like fun inside school (and sometimes, outside)! You also grow along with the fun! And let's all be honest... it's a great way to beef up the resume, right? The experience is gold. :)

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  1. if only i was in DLSU..haha i bet i would have already joined writer's guild. I have been doing a lot of thinking to join a org at csb. just haven't figured out what yet =p

    good luck, twin with your recruits!! and nice banner!

  2. Cool naman ng banner. Feeling ko ang saya sa DLSU. Goodluck with the recruits. :)

  3. Orgs really beef up the resumes! God bless for this school year.

    What year ka na? Mellow down on org activities if you're already on your last year.. diff to multitask at that point.

  4. Yeah, being in an organization is fun. It's doing what you love! :)


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