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In a couple of my previous posts, I've mentioned being busy with a lot of Frosh Welcoming  preparations. And finally, all possible pre-w...

In a couple of my previous posts, I've mentioned being busy with a lot of Frosh Welcoming preparations. And finally, all possible pre-welcoming preparations have been made and it's finally here! The two-week long program has been a go since Monday and it's been very tiring. Although, I have to say, I'm impressed how we've managed to take the time to really work on it, considering that a lot of the officers are out this summer. It's a very rewarding feeling to see the booth all set up. I haven't loaded the photos onto my laptop, so no photos for now.

The welcoming program isn't the only thing that has been keeping our organization officers busy. With the start of the new school-year 2010-2011 nearing, a lot of documents and other preparations are being made. The annual recruitment week (where organizations get to set up yet again another booth, but this time, encourage students to join/recruit) is coming up and a lot of changes or additions are being made to amplify the organization this year. I really hope everything turns out great!

Among the documents I've been working on and other overseeing of tasks, I've also made a design for the organization tarpaulin. I'm not sure if it will be the final one, because I just suggested it last night (2 versions):

And while I'm already talking about designing for Writers' Guild, let me just share with you a few posters I did during my term as Publicity head. I miss designing posters.

More at http://18mjabola.deviantart.com and http://dlsuwg.multiply.com (- although not all posters posted on the org Multiply were made by me. The others were made by my very talented AVP, Roland!)

That's it! Tomorrow will be another freshmen orientation day, and then the booth tour will be on the following day.

Hope everyone's having a fantastic summer!

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  1. very talented eh?
    love your works! keep it up! XD

  2. i like the first WG tarp :) the white background. good luck with first term twin! im sure it'll be great.

  3. Your designs are superriffic :)) Can't wait 'til you start working! The agencies are going to ♥ ♥ you! :))

  4. These are really cool posters! I wish I could do designs that are as good as what you've done. Hihi. :)


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