Busy & Bruised

Right now on my clock it’s 12:15 AM and in a few hours, I should be awake again because we’ll be going to the province for my grandmother’s ...

Right now on my clock it’s 12:15 AM and in a few hours, I should be awake again because we’ll be going to the province for my grandmother’s birthday. But I’m having a hard time finding that position where I can sleep comfortably because my whole body’s aching from cheer training. I’ve recently just caught up with training since I have been struggling with personal issues last week. So right now, I’m trying to make up for lost time and doubling the efforts in catching up to how far the squad has gone with routines, conditioning, etc. Hence, my body’s been adjusting to the sudden intense exercise (like I’ve really had any serious exercise in the last couple of months, haha).

Earlier at training, a lot of stuff went on. And can I just say—I can semi-toss! YES, I know I look thin but I really am not the type to be lifted; instead, I’m the lifter. So in last year’s competition, all I could do were elevators. But just this afternoon, my main base partner and I were taught to toss! It was crazy… and painful. I’ve got a bruised shoulder which I had to ice for a while since it was aching badly. Of course we couldn’t get it right at first, hence the bruised shoulder. But really, I'm okay na naman.

The week has been so hectic. I’ve always been running to training right after my 7:30 PM class because training always starts at 6PM. Also, I’ve gone to Intramuros and Mall of Asia to shoot my Photography class exercises. The impromptu trip to Intramuros was very tiring, but thankfully, it gave us better shots. I went with a couple of my friends and dragged my bestfriend and cousin along to model for me. Haha! It was my first time, and I really enjoyed walking around. I really found the place beautiful—well, a lot of the structures around were really nice. And Sam really had a lot of Intramuros facts to share (tour guide!), which made the stay even more interesting. We spent about 3 hours there, although we arrived too late to get inside Fort Santiago—maybe next time.

The following day, I went to MOA with AJ, Maita and Kara. We tried to get an early start at the next exercises we’re supposed to do for the Photography class. Well, we attempted, at least. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not pleased with the shots I got. Hopefully, when I go to the province today, I’ll get better shots. I’m also hoping to go to Tagaytay tomorrow so I can really maximize the weekend by accomplishing the photos we’re supposed to present for evaluation and approval.

(Maybe I'll post pictures next time :D)

So, it’s a pretty lame Valentine’s day celebration, I know. But really, have I ever had a decent one? Haha. Considering I’ve been single since birth, this should not be a surprise to me anymore… nor should I even be complaining—or maybe I should? Since I’m feeling very old and lonely. HAHA DRAMA! NOT. I’m doing fine, thank you. Haha!

Anyway, however you guys plan to spend this Valentine’s weekend, I hope you’ll all be doing what you plan to do. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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