About Me

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I'm Megann and I'm a lifestyle blogger based in Manila.

I finished with a degree in Arts with my major in Communication Arts. This explains much of my interest and willingness to tinker around with Adobe programs and HTML and CSS.

I work full-time as part of a social media team for a telecommunications company. I am also a contributing writer for a website called ModernFilipina.ph.

Style Surgery officially started in 2011 when I was fresh out of university. But I have been blogging years before that--does anyone remember Geocities? Yup, I was on it.

From a purely personal style blog, Style Surgery has evolved into a lifestyle blog, stitching together my love for and interest in writing, fashion, travel, and food. In all that, Style Surgery stands for being true to yourself and being comfortable in your skin.

For work opportunities, project proposals, event invitations, questions, and other related things,
send an e-mail to megann.stylesurgery@gmail.com

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