Summer Brights

This summer season has been an absolute roller-coaster, with more ups than downs. Despite the worries I have, I've learned through traveling that sometimes roads may get bumpy but you'll soon realize that all of it is worth it when you reach your destination.

My cousins from Canada just flew in to Manila today and we'll pack our bags for another great adventure tomorrow! I do feel as if I have been bitten by the travel bug - can't I do this for a living? But while I'm still here in crazy Manila, I have been embracing summer through other ways like dressing up in bright casual combos.

If you know of my love for white and all other neutrals, you should also know that it's not typical of me to go all-out on brights. So when I start putting together neons, I make sure to tone it down by having either a neutral shade at some part of the outfit or incorporate a closet staple like a good fitted pair of denim pants.

In my last post, I talked about how wearing denim jeans in this heat can be a punishment to the legs. However, this pair is a favorite of mine because it's stretchy and absolutely comfortable. Plus points that it's high-waist, too, because I haven't found a pair like this that fit me well. It's difficult to find jeans when you've got uneven body proportion (small waist, wide hips).

Cotton On top & pants | Cinderella necklace | Payless heels

When I'm not in a dress or skirt, this is definitely a second option for me when it comes to lunch or coffee dates with friends on weekends.


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