Be A Featured Blog for March

I always love discovering fashion and lifestyle blogs to add to my reading list. So starting starting today, I will be accepting "button swaps". Basically, these will be labeled as Featured Blogs Of the Month on my sidebar. All you have to do is send me an e-mail.

There will only be 5 slots every month and I won't be accepting "reservations" to be fair.
It will be first come, first serve :)

How does a button swap work?
1. You need to have an active blog. Duh.
2. You have to be following me on Google Friend Connect.
3. You have to have at least 300 followers on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin.
4. E-mail me with your details:
Blog name
Blog URL
5. Since this is a button swap, you'll have to place my blog's button somewhere on your blog too on the same month. Just tell me what size you will be needing.

What can I get out of being a featured blog?
1. Ad space for a whole month.
2. A chance to guest blog (optional)

When can we send an e-mail to be a featured blog?
I will open the spaces for button swaps for the coming month, every second or third week of the current month. Once I make the announcement, you can send your e-mail!

What is a guest blog?
- If you aren't familiar with how a guest blog works, basically you'll be sending me a blog post you'd like to have up on my blog. Introduce yourself; talk about anything. And then you get to link people to your blog so they can read more of your posts. Of course, it goes without saying, you can't post any nudity, profanity, or other offensive material.

Will you be doing a guest blog on my blog too?
- Well, that is totally up to you. Let me know if you want me to :)

Sounds good?

E-mail me at and be a part of the featured blogs for March!

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