Corporate fun & say hello to my godson

Here's another good thing about that Wednesday I had a rough start with --a nice set of outfit photos! They may not be the best of the b...

Here's another good thing about that Wednesday I had a rough start with--a nice set of outfit photos! They may not be the best of the best, but what I enjoy when I look at these photos is seeing my godson Chad! No, he's not my son. Just to make it clear :) Because I've been asked and have been mistaken to be his mother hehe. Either way, I love him to bits and pieces!

He is so adorable, I swear!!! :)

For today, I decided to wear something with a more structured silhouette and played around with prints and textures instead. Despite the pieces being dark, I incorporated lace and florals into the look. It's corporate wear that's dark but not boring, I believe! I know there are some offices that don't allow wearing bright colors (sad), so I suppose this would be a good alternative for them.

Bubbles necklace; SM Accessories ring; Tomato leopard printed watch

There are times when we are faced with attire requirements, and as much as I hate to be told what I'm supposed to wear, sometimes these rules are implemented for a reason. So follow the rules, but never lose yourself. It's a fun challenge to think of how you can retain your style without risking getting kicked out or at the very beginning, not being allowed to enter a venue/place/event.

Tweeds blazer; Calliope lace top; vintage high waisted cropped pants; Charles and Keith shoes

So for the working girls out there, don't get stuck in that plain black ensemble! If you can, try to mix and match textures and prints every once in a while. Look good and feel good! It's all about taking your positive energy and translating it into what you wear. It helps bring out more good vibes :)

So this is me, sending good vibes along your way.

Second outfit for last week Wednesday coming up soon! 'Til the next post!
♥ Megann

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  1. You look gorgeous, your necklace is crazy and he is incredible cute, first I thought: what a lovely girl :D

    1. Haha thank you :) He is adorable! I think it's his hair though :p It's long

  2. beautiful jacket! I love it!
    and very nice photos :)

  3. Oh my God, he is so adorable! You look lovely but you're completely overshadowed by Chad's adorableness!


    1. I know! Can't compete with the Chad! ;p Thanks Becky :")

  4. IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS LOOK! :) OMG! ♥ Haha ganda ng blazer mo as always and your shoes!! AHHH!! Haha anywayyy I miss you Megann dearrr! See you this week! Cute cute din ng godson mo!


    1. Thank you Arnie babe! :* You're the sweetest!

  5. I like how you do your messy bun! It's so high. :)



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