Let's Rock Again This 2010

I know it's pretty late to have a "happy new year" post since we're already on the fourth day of 2010. But I've been f...

I know it's pretty late to have a "happy new year" post since we're already on the fourth day of 2010. But I've been fixing up the new blog that I haven't had the chance to post. For those of you who noticed the constant change in this blog's "look", I guess you can say I'm pretty fickle and keen on details. I say pretty because I'm not quite into the whole DIY coding. After having gone through two years and a term of learning HTML/CSS, I think I should lay off of it for a bit. It was only last term when I had to make this website (works best with Google Chrome). So medyo nagkanda-loka-loka ako sa mga codes at sa ngayon, break muna kami. Haha! So enough of the blog talk and on to 2010!

Before I have to go back to school on the 11th, I have a list of things I want to do first.
1. Clean the room - I guess it has been a yearly thing for me to throw out things from years past that I haven't been using or that are just plain trash. I think a lot of people do this at least once a year or every other year. I suggest you do this since it's a way of giving yourself a little more room to breathe in, and you even stumble upon things that remind you of the past (ayan, yung mga past dyan haha!). So I did this in three afternoons and ended up with one bag of shoes and another of bags that can still be donated. I have yet to fix my closet, so we'll see what else turns up.
2. Arrange the closet - I try to be very OC about this, color-coordinating and by tops and bottoms... but after some time, I just end up just putting them on there. As long as they're in the closet, I'm fine. Haha!
3. Watch Gossip Girl, The Hills and How I Met Your Mother - Well, I know spending your break watching TV series doesn't sound all that fun, but it is for me (especially when nothing good is on TV). But I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish all three up to the latest season before school starts, so I may have to get back to this whenever I'm free.
4. Reset my body clock - You know how when you go on break and you totally throw bedtime out of the window? Come on, I'm sure we all stay up late 'til god-knows-when and then realize, "Oh shit, I stayed up until 2am and I wasn't even doing anything!" Haha! Well, I have to get used to sleeping earlier so I'll be fit for school again.
5. Go out - With the classes I will be taking this term, I don't think going out will be given much time. So I might as well make the most of this one last week that I have!

As for the New Year's resolutions, it's not a long list but I'm hoping to stick by it. I won't be explaining anymore, since this might be too long of a first post for you guys already, so I'll just list them down.
1. Go jogging before my 1PM start on Mondays and Wednesdays.
2. Wake up two hours before class to avoid being late!
3. Stay away from beef and pork (did this in 2008, but lasted for only a quarter of the year haha).
4. Lessen shopping trips (hey, if you can't stop it at least lessen it, right? :P).

Oh, I also have to pack up my things pretty soon to go back up to Manila in time for resuming of classes. Blah. Nakakatamad to the highest level, pero wala na rin naman akong ginagawa. Plus, I'll get to see the people already, so that's what's good about it :D


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