Saturday, February 21, 2015

3 Tips On How to Pick Floral Pieces That Will Last Through Seasons


The floral print is a print that is quickly associated with summertime--for obvious reasons. Now, if you are a floral print kind of gal and are looking to hoard a ton of it this coming summer season, you might want to think ahead about how you can also use these pieces when summer ends. It's quite easy to get this right when you know what you're looking for. So before you fill your cart up with brights and lights, here are some tips to get you through the floral fiesta and have you enjoy wearing these clothes even after the summer season.

1. Go for small to medium sized floral prints.

Summer is all about bold colors and bold prints. But if you want something that can transition better through seasons, go for the small to medium sized floral prints. These are much easier to tone down and match with other season's staples or must-haves.

2. Color is key.

Find a floral piece that has a dark-toned base. You will find that pieces with base colors like yellow, pink, blue, or any other bright tone, makes it appear more "summer-y" than pieces with base colors like navy blue, burgundy, or even black. However, that isn't to say that you can't wear floral prints on black base during summer either. They are simply more versatile.

3. Think of the styling possibilities.

This tip goes the same for any other piece of clothing you are shopping for. Be practical and always think about how you will be styling the clothes you are thinking about buying given what you already have in the closet before making the commitment. It will help you decide and narrow down your choices so that you end up with the ones you can get the most use out of. A bang for the buck!

Copper dress and shoes; Michael Kors watch; Cotton On bag

If you have any other tips to add, feel free to leave them in the comments section! I'm sure it will be helpful for everyone, too. :)


Friday, February 13, 2015

Casual Friday Joggers


Sometimes, I take casual Fridays too seriously and show up in my pajama... I kid. But I have been feeling so at home with joggers that I've actually noticed the increasing presence of them in my closet. Sometimes I even forget when I got them! It's funny (but totally worth it). Its loose style allows for much movement without skimping on coverage, since it does still get quite cool during this month.

For an equally slouchy match, I pulled out an oversized white button-down from my mom's closet. These two pieces together on their own create for a totally casual look--but one could still go in two directions for this: casual or put-together. And as you all know, my personal style still hinges on twisting outfits to add a little bit of class or sharpness to it.

The trick to wearing loose/slouchy outfits is finding the right balance so that it doesn't appear like the clothes are wearing you as opposed to you wearing your clothes. Had I worn flats, I would have looked like my clothes were eating me. Adding a bit of heel height to the whole look elongates my body and balances out with the looseness of the clothes, creating a more chic end result.

Cotton On jean joggers; Payless heels; Guess eyewear; Michael Kors watch

Photographed by Maita Piedra

How do you like to style your joggers?


Sunday, February 8, 2015

John Robert Powers: Visual Poise 1


I remember being in high school and having a lot of my friends attend John Robert Powers. Everyone went to John Robert Powers. I was curious, but at the time, I already had dance classes and sports training, which ate up most of my days. Fast forward to this year, about 7 years later, I've attended my first class with JRP - Visual Poise 1.

At this age, I thought I would be way too old to even be attending their classes. I thought everyone would have gone around their teen years. I was wrong. People's ages in my Visual Poise 1 class actually ranged from 22-29 - quite interesting, I thought. Just goes to show that it's never too late to start learning about personality development!

For the Visual Poise 1 class at JRP, we were taught by Ms. Rosky Hilado. Students are actually required to be there I think 15 minutes before their class (punctuality!); the class starts and ends on time, too. We began by introducing ourselves and answering some questionnaires.

But the fun part was that it wasn't about questionnaires or reading materials. We did the exercises - walking back and forth and standing, checking our posture.

I know it sounds intimidating, but I swear the class was so cool and easy. What made it fun was actually the environment. Ms. Rosky was great with reassuring us when we felt shy or awkward. I honestly felt SO nervous at the beginning of class, because I felt like I was back in school and didn't know anyone (again). LOL! Nakaka-first day high talaga.  Looking forward to my next class! Still nervous, but more excited. :) Tara!

You can visit their website for information on classes and updates. PLUS, follow them on Instagram: @JRP_Philippines - they also do giveaways from time to time. :)


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Living In Jeans


Happy 1st of February! It was a busy January filled with work, meetings for the blog, and boxing, which explains my absence. If you follow me on Instagram or are on my Style Surgery Facebook page, you probably know about these already. I'm also trying to plan something big for the blog, so hopefully all the work will pay off soon! BUT, enough with my excuses and let's head on to today's look:

During the months of January to February, we still get a little bit of cold breeze, which I enjoy very much. A welcome thought for a girl who loves to layer, in fact. And, actually, if things go as planned, I will be traveling to a cold, cold place this year - which I will share later on as it becomes more sure. I don't want to jinx it! For now, however, I am settling with what little sprinkles of cool air come our way in humid Manila.

A lot of you know that I am not a full-time blogger, and that I actually do have a day job which I go to 5 days of the week (or sometimes, even more). At the moment, my wardrobe is slowly filling up with pants, pants, and more pants! It's much easier to go to work, hop in and out of public transportation, and sometimes, run, in pants. Threw in some layers and my new heels from Zalora and I'm good to go!

Copper utilitarian jacket; thrifted sweater; LEE jeans; Something Borrowed heels; Michael Kors watch
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Photographed by Maita Piedra

How are you dressing up these days?

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