Treat Yourself to #LUXNights

Early this week, I attended my first event for 2016 at the House of LUX in SM Makati’s Beauty Hall. It was the perfect event to start off the year with because it was a reminder for all the strong, independent, and hardworking women achievers of today to treat themselves to #LUXnights.

Host Nicole Andersson

2015 was a year of transition for me, and I allowed myself to basically take it easy. This year, however, I feel that I am well in my place and am ready to take it all to the next level. From working a day job from 10AM to 7PM, to doing freelance graphic design and writing projects, and managing my blog in between, it’s not an easy feat. I often yearn to treat myself, may it be a shopping spree, a relaxing massage, or dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. The downside is that I actually still need to make an appointment for these things and shell out a little bit more cash.

Brand Ambassador Solenn Heussaf - actress, host, model, painter, professional make-up artist, and bride-to-be (busy planning her wedding!)

Nicole Andersson, Solenn Heussaff, and model Kelsey Merritt

So, when LUX Brand Ambassador Solenn Heussaff started talking about how she treats herself to #LUXnights with the new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection, I realized that I may have just found my new “me time” activity. There was even a mini demo to show us how to use the LUX products. Tesle volunteered to try out the product during demo time, so those are her hands below.

The new LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection allows you to bathe with Perfume Every Day, and promises to be the luxurious indulgent treat every woman deserves—ending your busy days with #LUXnights. With fine fragrances crafted by Perfume Experts from New York, London, and Paris, LUX offers you different scents to choose from such as Magical Spell, Soft Touch, White Impress, and Love Forever. My favorite? Soft Touch.

The next time you feel like treating yourself (because you DESERVE it), you might want to check out the new LUX Perfumed Body Wash 100ml for PHP55 (SRP) and LUX Perfumed Bar Soap 110g for PHP39 (SRP).

What is a busy day like for you? Make sure to end it with #LUXnights. Share your stories with the hashtags #LUXnights and #BatheWithLUX.


Workout-Ready Work Wear

In my last blog post, I talked about how I have been able to battle laziness when it comes to going to the gym. One of the tips I shared was going to work in an easy-to-transform outfit, with the example being a loose top and leggings combo. This is actually also the perfect look if you are feeling lazy. TIP: Throwing on a blazer keeps you looking on point! ;)

Of course, if you work in an office with a dress code, you will most likely be unable to go in wearing printed or bright-colored leggings. While it'll have you looking cute working out, of course you wouldn't want to get in trouble in the office for that. So, save the cute workout leggings for the weekends.

While we don't exactly have a dress code at work, I still feel the need to look presentable [to some extent]. Hence, when I went for the workout-ready outfit, I chose to keep it simple and stuck with my blacks and whites. Good day to be in this look as I was also jumping from one meeting to another that day, that were a mix of meetings in the office and meetings outside of the office.

Top - Cotton On; Flats - Call It Spring; Eyewear - Apostrophe

Photographed by Maita Piedra

How would you dress up for work if you knew you would be working out after? Do you prefer packing a complete workout outfit instead?

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! It's pay day Friday soon, so that's something I know we are all looking forward to. Cheers!


How to NOT Be Lazy to Workout

“I’m lazy to workout!” I always say to myself an hour before I am about to hit the boxing gym or unroll my mat for some at-home Blogilates session. I am honestly the kind of person who hates going to the gym; I’m absolutely clueless once I get there! I wonder if anyone else feels the same way.

Every year, however, my friends and I come up with a silly hashtag for our fitness attempts—attempts being the operative word, because we have not been successfully consistent before. In 2015, it was #TwentyFITeen; this 2016, it’s #TwentySEXYteen. How long it will last? Who knows. So far, though, I have done a few things so I would not be lazy to workout and even push myself to achieve little fitness wins. How?

1. Having variation in my workouts

In previous years, I was the type to stick to one kind of workout, which I would do until I’m sick of it. This year, I have started doing a few different things to keep my interest and excitement for working out alive. I have gone boxing, jogging, and Blogilates. I do them in turns, depending on which one I have enough time for. At least when I only have 30 minutes free, I can quickly unroll a mat and whip out one of Cassey Ho’s videos from YouTube.

2. Setting realistic short-term goals

It’s one thing to want abs by the time summer kicks in, it’s another to actually complete 5 sets of 50 sit-ups—or even work out AT LEAST once a week, for that matter. Set short-term goals for yourself that make a big impact in your overall goal. Right now, my goal is to actually go through 3 rounds of boxing without feeling like passing out. I know that doesn’t sound too big, but it’s something that currently challenges me.

3. Bringing my workout gear—or wearing it—just in case

One of the most used excuse I have for encouraging my laziness to workout is that “I didn’t bring my gym stuff with me!” This has set me back a couple of days of workout. So, how to not be lazy to workout? Right now, I bring my gym stuff to the office even when I don’t plan on going to the gym after work the same day. Because if I do end up not going, I can always leave my things at work and use it for another day I do decide to go. Even better, I sometimes dress up in easy-to-transform outfits like this one. My favorite office-to-outdoor combo is a pair of leggings and a loose, cotton top. Throw on a blazer and flats for work; take off the blazer and switch out the shoes for the gym. It lessens the hassle of bringing too many things (especially since I also have to bring boxing gloves sometimes).

Top - Cotton On; Shoes - World Balance

Photographed by Maita Piedra

These are the top 3 hacks that have worked for me so far. I’m sure there are many other ways to encourage my gym-lazy self to break a sweat, but we’ll see how it goes! I’m far from a fitness blogger, but I sure do want to try hard no matter what workout I’m doing. So, I hope I’ve shared with you some useful information. Let me know if you have other fitness hacks that you do to make working out more exciting!

Also, I’ve been wanting to try pole dance and hip-hop dance classes. Where would you suggest I go?


Do I Have It All Figured Out?

It’s almost midnight, and I’m here sitting in front of my laptop with a plate of Lucban Longganisa and rice on the side; my false lashes freshly peeled off, and halfway through changing into my house clothes. This is about 40 minutes after I went on Google and typed, “How to cook Lucban Longganisa”—at least that bit, I’m sure now (after tasting my food) that I have figured out. The rest of my life? Hmm… This oddly feels like a scene from a coming of age film.

I just turned 25 a month ago, and these photos were taken by my good friend Angel a week after, when I went to visit family in the south. So funny how put together I look here; a far cry from my longganisa-chomping self right now.

But I think this is exactly it—when we think about being 25, a lot of us get nervous. Quarter. Life. Crisis. Everyone talks about it, and it can be very difficult. I know, because I’ve had friends who have shared stories with me.

Do I have it all figured out? I would say, based on current-Me and put-together-Me, sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. I don’t know if I’ll go through the whole quarter life crisis situation; maybe I actually already did, mildy, when I was 24. But no matter what phase you are in your life, as I always say, the important thing is you don’t stop.

You don’t stop dreaming. You don’t stop wanting. You don’t stop trying. When you lose focus for a minute, a day, a few weeks, snap right back into it when you catch yourself. Take a break, but don’t stop. I’ve taken a ton of breaks in between, and I think that’s completely fine. It’s a reward you give to yourself.

Turtle Neck & Necklace - Stradivarius; Jeans - H&M; Sunglasses - Fly Shades
Photographed by Angel Rodriguez

And always remember that while there will be days when you will have your hair perfectly blow dried, white turtle neck neatly tucked into your pants, and walking in a pair of heels without tripping, there will also be days when you will be sitting in your flat smelling like garlic, searching the Internet for instructions on 'how to adult'. And in the end, having it “all figured out” wouldn’t even matter, because eventually, hopefully, you will figure things out one by one.


Happy 2016: Making It Count

HAPPY 2016, EVERYONE! For those of you who have stuck around despite the drought this blog experienced, to those who found their way here (whether returning or new), to those who have sent through a comment or two, a BIG THANK YOU!

My New Year's Eve celebration this year was a little bit more special because I was able to spend it with family AND friends. I put the emphasis on the word "and" because I normally am not able to go out after midnight to meet up with my friends, but this year is different. And so, from this New Year's Eve celebration, I can already tell that 2016 will be a game changer.

Towards the end of December 2015, I was actually able to meet up again with one of my blogger-friends-turned-close-friend, Angel. Our conversations in the past have always opened my eyes to the bigger picture and inspired me. This time around, it was even better, as I have not been around her as much as I used to and her words stuck to me more. Especially as she was very encouraging of the things I told her I wanted to do.

The past year was a transition time for me, which meant that a few of the things I loved doing had to be put on hold--this blog included. But since I have somehow adjusted a little bit better, and I now have a good understanding of how I can do what I want to do, it feels a little less daunting and more exciting to be taking on a new year with this much hope! At the very least, there are a couple of things I want to start on this year. Starting on these little projects will already be a big deal for me!

In addition to these things, I know it is already very late but I wanted to get this blog post up before January 2 hits because as they say, what you do on the first day of the year is a glimpse of what you will be doing for the rest of the year. Of course that means that I want to be blogging (again)!!

I know this is not as much of a heavy post as most of the New Year posts you've seen around, but I am honestly in such a light mood about the New Year! I hope you all find this year as a chance for you to start, continue, and/or accomplish the things that will make your hearts happy. :)