Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dressing Up Your Basics: 5 Things That Can Instantly Add Style Points


The crazy weather situation coupled with the six-day power shortage last week has inadvertently led me to going back to basics when it comes to dressing up (or down). It started out of convenience, but quickly turned into a rediscovered love. Uy, medyo hugot? LOL. And every now and then, this rediscovered love needed an upgrade, especially when the occasion calls for it (lunch meetings, coffee dates, etc). So if you love your basics but think they need a little boost, here are five things that can instantly add style points:

1. Make-Up

Okay, this doesn't mean you need to go crazy on the smokey eye when it is only half past lunch. For make-up, you will need to make sure that you put only what is appropriate. A good "barely-there" look can easily brighten up your aura and is great for daytime. If you're feeling a little bit adventurous, use a red lipstick with an undertone that is fit for your skin tone.

Cotton On watch; SM Accessories necklace

2. Accessories

Using accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings, is another easy way to get glam in an instant. However, as with other things, moderation is key. It is best to choose at most two types of accessories; on some occasions, three is also acceptable, but this will be all up to you.

My favorite places to shop for accessories at the moment? SM Department Store, Forever 21, and Pretty Little Blings (on Instagram/online).

Chick Flick heels

3. Shoes

I am not going to tell you that wearing heels is the only way to boost your outfit, because it isn't. It is all about matching your footwear to the whole feel of your outfit. You can be in heels, in boots, or in flats, and still take a step forward in style.

Aldo bag

4. Bag

Not only are bags functional, but they can be quite the key piece in your look, too! Matching your bag with your shoes is a start. But with the style world being more experimental these days, that doesn't always have to be the case anymore. See where your own personal style takes you and dress up your basics!

5. Hair

Yes, you can also dress up your basics through your hair; and no, you don't need to go to the salon or get a personal hairstylist to do this. But it does help to style your hair in some way. You'll notice, as you go on with your style journey, that there are clothes that look better when you wear your hair up, down and super straight, tousled, or slightly curly/wavy. The feel of the outfit changes when you change your hairstyle. Try it!

Vintage black bodysuit; Cotton On pants; random belt

BONUS: Confidence!

I know you know I would throw this in because it's true! Nothing boosts your outfit or your whole aura more than a dose of confidence -- believe that! Be true to your style and stick to what feels right. You'll feel more confident and radiate a natural glow.

And, as always, have fun discovering your personal style. Try out different things and see which clothes feel most like YOU. ;)


Friday, July 4, 2014

Choose Happiness


Friday, finally. This has been such an exhausting week in general. It was a challenge juggling a crazy schedule, dealing with the unpredictable weather, and just being surrounded with so much negativity. Right now, I'm looking forward to a weekend of detoxifying from all the bad vibes and being appreciative of all the good things. Because when it comes to dealing with problems and challenges, you only lose when you don't choose to fight.

There's always going to be an obstacle waiting for you because that's simply how life rolls. However, how you react when these situations come is in your control. Choose happiness, they say, and I absolutely agree.

Happiness is a choice and it is a conscious decision you make everyday. This does not necessarily mean you have to fake it. What it is telling you is that you need to decide for yourself that you will accept the bad but look at the good. Recognize the problem, but create an action plan immediately. And, as one of my favorite lines puts it, realize the strength and move on.

When you start being more aware of how you react to problems and decide that you'll get more out of looking at what you can do and staying positive rather than sulking, then you'll be much more motivated to move onwards and upwards.

Levi's top; Kandy's Closet skirt; Bozhidara Bags bag; Tomato watch

It's all about deciding on what kind of situation you want to put yourself in. ;)

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Keep It Fresh For Rainy Nights Out


The rainy season is upon us and one of the fashion challenges we may face is how to keep it fresh and sexy for nights out with our friends despite the downpour.

As you all know, I have a passionate love affair with white outfits. But unless I'm sure to stay indoors most of the night, I need to change my outfit choices in order to avoid wardrobe malfunctions (e.g. tops that become see-through or discolored after a few drops of rain).

With that, my favorite outfit formula for a casual night out is the jeans-and-blazer combo. Since casual nights out usually involve lounges and bars instead of clubs, I don't necessarily have to be extra glam. The outfit allows me to move around as I please - sit on bar stools without a problem - while still looking put together.

Plus, with the chance of rain, I prefer going for dark colors in order to avoid water stains later on, should my friends and I choose to move from one bar to the next (which is usually the case).

Keeping things fresh and sexy, however, I opted for a lace number to match with the blazer and jeans. Blazers can be your bestfriend this season, as it helps dress up a casual outfit or tone down skin-revealing looks. Not to mention, bars and clubs are sure to get extra cool these nights when the rain starts so it's good to be prepared! Throw on a few golds to brighten up the dark look and you're all set!

Shopaholic & Hubby watch; Pretty Little Blings knuckle rings; H&M necklace

Custom-made blazer; Maldita top; Lee Jeans jeans; bazaar bag; EZRA by Zalora heels

In the end, it pays to check the weather forecast (even though they are off sometimes) just so you know if it is still worth going out or if it is best to stay at home. As we all know, Manila + rain is an instant formula for horrendous traffic - and who wants to get stuck in that?


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Style Hub top; Payless heels; Tomato watch

I'm slowly letting go of my summer wardrobe little by little, as it is starting to become difficult to walk around in short, flowy skirts and dresses, and bright colored shoes when there is a possibility of downpour or stepping on puddles. As I let go of my summer wardrobe, let me leave you with this light and bright number in memory of the perfect summer of 2014. It certainly was one for the books. I wouldn't trade it for anything else - the adventures I had, places I went to, and the people I met.

I hope your summer is just as memorable as mine!

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