Monday, December 22, 2014

Birthday x Christmas Wish List

Four days after my birthday and two more days until Christmas Eve--is it too late to post my wish list now? I have been braving the malls over the weekend scouting for presents and also searching for a dress to wear on Christmas eve. I was more successful in one of the two. Although, none of them were actually accomplished at the mall; instead, I took the easy way out and ordered stuff off the Internet. I did try to get the sizes checked at the mall, but cut down on queue time by just going on Zalora, my ever favorite place to shop online (no, this isn't sponsored).

Moving on, as I was searching through the mall for presents, I got to thinking about my own wish list and realized that this year, my list actually consists of more practical items. They may cost more, but they're actually what I need at the moment--supplies I need restocked/replaced.

1. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette or Naked Basics

Although I am slightly leaning more towards Naked2 at this point, the Naked Basics palette is also quite practical for obvious reasons.

2. 10-12oz Boxing Gloves

I used to box when I was in high school and stopped. I've found that it's really one of the workouts that worked well for me, and I would like to continue with it. Unfortunately, my cheap boxing gloves from years ago didn't make it out alive. I would prefer Twins, but Everlast should be fine.

3. Michael Kors oversized watch in rose gold or gold

This will officially be my first "big girl watch". I don't have a specific model in mind, but I do know that I would like it in rose gold or gold.

4. Quality make-up brushes

Ever since Sigma sent me their Flat Kabuki Brush two years ago, I have been very particular about the brushes I use. Nothing like quality brushes to apply make-up with. They get the job done and aren't so tough on your skin. 

5. Black carry-all bag

Or a medium-to-large-sized bag that can basically carry all the shit girls "need" everyday. Preferably one with a zipper or one that isn't so easily accessible/open. I already have one in beige, so I'd like one in black as well. You know, basics.

That's it! :) What's on your Christmas wish list? And have you finished your Christmas gift shopping yet?


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pastel Play


One gloomy day after the storm had passed, still in a sea of dark hues, I chose to wear pastel. It was my way of coming out from the dark days, almost kind of like what I'm going through right now. Life imitating art?

I'm all for dark hues as of late--a huge leap from my obsession with white. Although, even though I still AM obsessed with white clothes, the season just makes it feel even more fit to wear darker hues like blue, green, and red; some browns and blacks as well.

But when I got a hold of this lovely, dainty knitted greyish blue piece from my mom, I was inspired. I felt compelled to build a look around here. So, on I went to raid my closet and found two pieces I could easily match with the greyish blue top.

Shopaholic & Hubby accessories; Bensimon sneakers

A thick, cotton skater skirt and my Bensimon sneakers (also available at CommonThread). Pairing these two with the top gave me a dainty, youthful feel. So, I thought, why not add quirky accessories, too?


Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Celebratory Dance and An Added Layer Of Clothing


This year's birthday is turning out to be the complete opposite of last year. Less than a week away and I still have nothing planned. I remember celebrating so much during the whole month of December last year with different groups of friends that it actually extended to January! "Dude, I'm beginning to think your birthday will never end," a friend said. HA! Let's see if I can manage to put together something this year, though.

Aside from birthday plans, another reason I'm ecstatic about December is because I can layer (a tiny bit). When you live in a tropical country where you can never get your layering game on, the slightest hint of cool-er weather entitles you to a celebratory dance and an added layer of clothing. In this case, I chose to take out my long stored utilitarian jacket. What a joy!

Now the thing is, though, is that when I layer on top, I still have to balance it out by wearing shorts, a skirt, or really lightweight pants. It doesn't really get cold enough for a full-on knitted situation.

Copper utilitarian jacket; Levi's top; Romwe boots; H&M necklace; Cotton On watch

How's December weather at your end of the world?

I'm going to go get my Christmas shopping on this weekend. And with the crowd of shoppers during this season, I need all the patience and luck I can get!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

In Preparation For the Holidays


With the holiday season in full swing, invitations to Christmas parties and get-togethers are popping up here and there. During this time of the year, I usually allow spend a little more on treating myself in preparation for these festivities. After all, it's been a crazy year of hard work! First on the checklist? A proper hair color and treatment!

I wouldn't have woken up early on a Saturday if not for a pampering session with my south love, Angel. Nowadays, dates with Angel come as rare as me wearing any other color aside from white. So when we had the chance, we decided to pop by Jing Monis Salon in Bellevue, Alabang for a morning cut, color, and treatment sesh.

Book an appointment at their Bellevue Branch: (+632) 5550963 or 0917 521 4480.

I have been wanting my hair color to be a little bit lighter since I started getting it colored this year. If you like what you see on my hair now, it's Schwarzkopf 7-55 (medium blonde extra gold). This is, of course, coming from super dark brown hair.

Vintage black leotard; Forever 21 jogger pants; Copper sneakers; Cotton On bag and watch
{ Photos by Bea Flores}

Now that I've got that crossed off my checklist, next is to look for some holiday outfits! What preparations are you doing for this holiday season?


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