Sunday, February 1, 2015

Living In Jeans


Happy 1st of February! It was a busy January filled with work, meetings for the blog, and boxing, which explains my absence. If you follow me on Instagram or are on my Style Surgery Facebook page, you probably know about these already. I'm also trying to plan something big for the blog, so hopefully all the work will pay off soon! BUT, enough with my excuses and let's head on to today's look:

During the months of January to February, we still get a little bit of cold breeze, which I enjoy very much. A welcome thought for a girl who loves to layer, in fact. And, actually, if things go as planned, I will be traveling to a cold, cold place this year - which I will share later on as it becomes more sure. I don't want to jinx it! For now, however, I am settling with what little sprinkles of cool air come our way in humid Manila.

A lot of you know that I am not a full-time blogger, and that I actually do have a day job which I go to 5 days of the week (or sometimes, even more). At the moment, my wardrobe is slowly filling up with pants, pants, and more pants! It's much easier to go to work, hop in and out of public transportation, and sometimes, run, in pants. Threw in some layers and my new heels from Zalora and I'm good to go!

Copper utilitarian jacket; thrifted sweater; LEE jeans; Something Borrowed heels; Michael Kors watch

Photographed by Maita Piedra

How are you dressing up these days?


Monday, January 19, 2015

The First Update Of 2015


"Where have I been?" I asked myself this question. It might be a bit late for a New Year type post, but I feel as though I owe this blog a story. I don't know what happened in 2014 or how I let myself miss out on a lot of important things back then. I barely had time to publish blog posts, I lost touch with people I valued, spent lots of time making memories I'd rather forget, and priorities were basically scattered. Ask my friends and I would actually refer to 2014 as the "Dark Ages" of my life. 

In late 2014, skies started to clear up and I began to understand what I have been doing. I had a wake-up call, which turned into a motivation. I won't say that this year will be perfect, but it will be much better than the last because I know that I'm working hard at getting things back on track. 

I've rekindled connections, built valuable new ones, and am getting a good organized routine going. Something is in the works for this blog as well. Hopefully, you'll all enjoy it when it's finally rolling. So, let's all make this year count. And actually mean it! :) 

Until then, this blog may be updated quite sparsely. But you can catch up with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


Friday, December 26, 2014

Quite Different, But Christmas Nonetheless


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had wonderful celebrations with your loved ones. Christmas this year was quite different for me compared to the past years. There were no big celebrations, no family photos, and no gifts opened at midnight. Instead, we had Noche Buena at 9PM and called up our family at midnight.

At the moment, my family is spread across the globe, which means timezones are different. But regardless of how far away they are from me, and even if family Christmas traditions didn't go the same this year, it was still sweet that we got to call them to say "Merry Christmas!" and catch up on things for a quick bit.

I did get to spend Christmas with my brother and Corin this year. Quite different, still, but Christmas nonetheless. Also, got a few of the things on my wish list crossed out! Looking forward to my dad coming back in a week! :) Cheers!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Birthday x Christmas Wish List

Four days after my birthday and two more days until Christmas Eve--is it too late to post my wish list now? I have been braving the malls over the weekend scouting for presents and also searching for a dress to wear on Christmas eve. I was more successful in one of the two. Although, none of them were actually accomplished at the mall; instead, I took the easy way out and ordered stuff off the Internet. I did try to get the sizes checked at the mall, but cut down on queue time by just going on Zalora, my ever favorite place to shop online (no, this isn't sponsored).

Moving on, as I was searching through the mall for presents, I got to thinking about my own wish list and realized that this year, my list actually consists of more practical items. They may cost more, but they're actually what I need at the moment--supplies I need restocked/replaced.

1. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette or Naked Basics

Although I am slightly leaning more towards Naked2 at this point, the Naked Basics palette is also quite practical for obvious reasons.

2. 10-12oz Boxing Gloves

I used to box when I was in high school and stopped. I've found that it's really one of the workouts that worked well for me, and I would like to continue with it. Unfortunately, my cheap boxing gloves from years ago didn't make it out alive. I would prefer Twins, but Everlast should be fine.

3. Michael Kors oversized watch in rose gold or gold

This will officially be my first "big girl watch". I don't have a specific model in mind, but I do know that I would like it in rose gold or gold.

4. Quality make-up brushes

Ever since Sigma sent me their Flat Kabuki Brush two years ago, I have been very particular about the brushes I use. Nothing like quality brushes to apply make-up with. They get the job done and aren't so tough on your skin. 

5. Black carry-all bag

Or a medium-to-large-sized bag that can basically carry all the shit girls "need" everyday. Preferably one with a zipper or one that isn't so easily accessible/open. I already have one in beige, so I'd like one in black as well. You know, basics.

That's it! :) What's on your Christmas wish list? And have you finished your Christmas gift shopping yet?

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